Creepy Cash

Creepy Cash

Are you afraid of the dark? Show what you’re made of as you take on some garish ghouls in the dark of night in the Creepy Cash slot game! Go head to head with the undead for your chance to win an ever-growing progressive jackpot in this top slot.


This Halloween-themed slot takes a bit of a different approach to the game. Instead of your regular reels and paylines, this game is played on a square board of 9x9 symbols. As such, there are loads of things to take in on the screen. There are plenty of spooky symbols to spot, from graveyard signs to skulls, pumpkins to eyeballs, cauldrons to crosses and much more. Brave the zombies and you could bag a big cash prize in no time. If this game is a little on the spooky side for you, why not try out other more light-hearted games in the ‘cash’ series like Candy Cash or Cop The Cash 2?

How To Play

Despite being completely different from most other slot games, Creepy Cash is still incredibly easy to play. The aim of the game is to match at least 3 symbols in a row, either vertically or horizontally, anywhere within the grid. This is of course completely random with each turn, much like the spins on a slot – except there are no paylines to choose from. This means that all you have to do is select a bet amount per turn using the (-) or (+) arrows on the TOTAL BET tab. Once you’re happy with the amount per round, simply hit START and watch the symbols fill the squares on the grid. If you want faster gameplay, opt to hit AUTO x25 which will take 25 turns consecutively for you. This can be stopped at any time by pressing the AUTO button again.


The TNT symbol is a real balance booster, which is triggered after a player manages to spin a winning line of 4 symbols. Watch as this super bomb turns one symbol into a lit stick of dynamite, which will then explode and wipe out either a vertical line or a horizontal line, depending on which direction the triggering symbols were in. This will then pay out a generous multiplier of 5x your bet amount.

If you’re really lucky and manage to spin a combination of 5 symbols in a row, you’ll activate the mega bomb. Similar to the super bomb, this symbol will blow up all symbols on the board if there are two matching symbols either side of the newly-formed bomb and will pay out a massive 10x multiplier on your bet amount for that round!

Progressive jackpot

This is triggered by landing 3 of the red Pentagram symbols, next to each other horizontally, in the centre of the game board. If you’re lucky enough to manage this, you’ll win the total progressive jackpot at that time, which is displayed at the middle of the top of the screen. 

All bets are eligible to win the jackpot, no minimum bet amount or number of lines are required. 0.2% of each wager placed contributes to the jackpot.

Internet communication delays are variable and beyond the knowledge or control of the Operator. Server-to-client delays will vary from player to player and from message to message. Internet clients can wait minutes for communications. Jackpot wins are determined on the server and the winner can be determined and demonstrated even where jackpots are won at what appears to be the same time. If a game or jackpot is terminated the existing jackpot amount will be distributed to a different game or games.

Green Pentagram Feature

Unlocked by landing 3 horizontally adjacent green Pentagram symbols in the centre of the game board, this round lets you physically move symbols around the grids to create matching combinations. If you manage to fill up the ‘Mega Feature’ bar at the top from creating combos you’ll be able to play one of the following 3 extra bonuses:

Wheel of Misfortune: In this round you spin a wheel with multipliers inside it and you’ll win whatever prize the arrow lands on.

Trick or Treat bonus: When this round starts you’ll be shown 3 colourful bags of which you can choose 1 and inside each of them is a random multiplier prize.

Pumpkin Bonus: This bonus has you battering a pumpkin that eventually bursts to reveal a cash prize.

Mobile compatibility

Creepy Cash is available on most platforms including desktop, iOS, Android and Windows phones. Access from anywhere on-the-go, with super-fast graphics and gameplay which works well on any device.

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.28%. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this game.

Please rotate your device back to the portrait mode