Big Wheel

Big Wheel

The Big Wheel is spinning all the way to Pocket Fruity – and you’re in for a treat! Get extra fruity with this super-fun game from Realistic that captures all the excitement of traditional fruit machines and arcade slot games. With cherry symbols, oranges and grapes, you’ll be reminded of classic casino games as you snap up the bonus features that are on offer!


The Big Wheel feature is the bonus to look out for in this colourful slot game, as it has six fantastic features within the bonus to help you on your way to a head-spinning win. So step up to the fruit bowl and go for gold.

How To Play

The game panel is super-easy to use and it’s based on the layout of a traditional arcade fruit machine, so if you’re familiar with those, you’ll have no problem! Of course, beginners will find this game a doddle too. All you have to do is use the up and down arrows to set your bet, and then click the START button when you’re ready to get your Big Wheel show on the road. If you’d prefer a more relaxed game play, just click AUTO and you’ll be able to choose the number of spins that play out automatically whilst you put your feet up. Good luck!



Check out the three ‘Nudge’ buttons in the centre of the game panel. These will be offered to you randomly after a non-winning spin. Just click one (or all of them, if you’re lucky to be offered all three at once) to move the reels forward and see if you can get a winning combination!

Super Spin Feature

How does a guaranteed win sound? Incredible, right? Well, you could make this a reality if you’re offered the Super Spin feature in this game. It pops up at random, and you have to hit START to begin the super spin for a fruity win!

Big Wheel Chance

This is when the fruit machine gets even juicier, and the Big Wheel asks you to ‘take a chance on me.’ How do you trigger this exciting bonus? You just need to land a Big Wheel symbol on the centre reel, above or below the win line. This prompts the BIG WHEEL button to light up, and you’ll need to click it to see if you can shift the Big Wheel symbol onto the win line. Fingers Crossed…

Big Wheel Feature

If you manage to get that Big Wheel symbol onto the win line, you’ll trigger this absolute beauty of a feature. No kidding – this really is a very juicy bonus round, as it offers not 1 but 6 different features…

  • Super Jackpot: The ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ symbols will be flashing, and you have to hit START to stop the light on one of the options. If the ‘Yes’ is lit up, the Jackpot prize will be awarded (3 Ducks and a Repeat Chance). You can get up to 9 repeats, so let’s hope you’re in for a jackpot extravaganza!
  • Roundabout: Click START to stop the flashing light on one of the symbols surrounding the ‘Big Wheel’ symbol. If you’re lucky, this can cause a win matching that symbol to appear on the win line.
  • Rollercoaster: Hit START and you’ll be able to choose how many steps your reels will move forward. Symbols on the Top Glass will light up according to the symbols that are on your win line. You’ll be paid for the highest win when the reels stop spinning.
  • Crazy Reels: Awarded at random after a non-winning game, this feature will pay out all wins appearing ANYWHERE on your window. If you get three Ducks, you’ll be offered the Repeat Chance.
  • Ring the Bell: Look out for the Bell symbol, which will pop up on the win line after your reels have moved forward as much as they want to. The more Bell symbols you get, the more awards you’ll light up on the Top Glass. Click ‘START’ to stop the flashing light on either ‘Step’ or ‘Stop’. ‘Step’ will cause the reels to move forward again, and ‘Stop’ – yes, you guessed it – ends the round. Whatever award that is lit up on the Top Glass is the win you’ll be paid.
  • Duck Shoot: Click START to try and land the flashing light on the next highest award on the Top Glass as the prizes gradually increment throughout the round. You’ve got three chances at each stage to highlight the next prize. When your chances are up, you’ll receive the award that is lit up – here’s hoping you get the top award! Delve into the fruity world of Big Wheel and see if you can get a juicy jackpot!


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.23% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.23

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