Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches

Calling all slingo fans! Here at Pocket Fruity you can actually play the classic game of slingo to win real cash prizes, all thanks to our very own Slingo Riches game. Try it out today if you fancy bagging yourself an epic win of up to £20,000 CASH!


If you haven’t heard of slingo, here’s the deal: mixing exciting slot machines with fast-paced bingo fun, it’s already an extremely popular social game, which has been played by over 3 million people on Facebook in the UK. All Slingo Riches does is add one more perfect element – the chance to win real cash! Sounds good, huh? Then ready, set…..SLINGO!

How To Play

The game starts you off with a 5x5 number grid. You’ll get to spin 11 times (like a slot game) to mark off numbers on your grid (like bingo). The aim of the game is to get a Slingo – also known as 5 squares marked off on your grid horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

But now it’s time to place your bets! Set your game stake using the (-) and (+) buttons in the bottom left of your screen, betting anything from 50p to £100 per game. Happy with your bet? Hit START GAME to get spinning! Each spin will place 5 numbers (or symbols) in the blue reel at the bottom of your screen and the aim of the game is to have those numbers matching up to the numbers on your grid. If this happens they’ll be marked off automatically and you’ll be on your way to a Slingo! Plus, any of these symbols could also come out of a spin:

  • JOKER: Wild symbols that can be used to mark off any number in the column above
  • SUPER JOKERS: Wild that can be used to mark off any number in the whole grid
  • 3 OR MORE JOKERS/SUPER JOKERS in any combination = an instant cash prize
  • FREE SPIN appearing in the centre column = a free spin (yellow balls)
  • COIN appearing in the centre column = an instant cash prize
  • DEVIL blocks potential matches on the reels

If you accumulate any free spins, you’ll be able to use them after you’ve used your initial 11 spins. Depending on how many free spins you accumulated, you’ll also be offer the chance to buy up to 4 extra spins (minus one for every free spin already won!) at the end of the game. Fingers crossed this will help bag you the top Slingo Riches prize – a Full House win!

Return To Player

Based on best strategy this game has a theoretical RTP of 95% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.00.

Based on best strategy each extra spin has a theoretical RTP of 95%.

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