Slingo Shuffle Roulette

Slingo Shuffle Roulette

It’s time to get fruity with this FANTASTIC new Slingo game to hit your screens! Slingo Shuffle Roulette adds a juicy twist to traditional roulette and challenges YOU to beat the dealer and the devil…


It's you against the dealer – have you got what it takes to come out on top? Both beginners and experts alike will love the latest dynamic Slingo offering! Keep your head and shuffle your way to a sweet win!

How To Play

If you’re familiar with traditional roulette, this game will be a piece of cake. Simply choose your chip value at the bottom of the screen, with the help of the left and right arrows. To place your bet, put the chips in the side bet area at the bottom left of the screen, and you’re ready to go! What can you place bets on? If you place a bet on an individual card and it makes an appearance, you’ll get a fruity win. Likewise, if you bet on 2 adjacent cards appearing together and they both pop up, you’ll earn yourself a win! You can also bet on 4 adjacent cards and you’ll get a win if all 4 of them appear. If you bet on complete groups of numbers, you’ll get a win when all four suits of one number card appear. Similarly, if you bet on a particular suit and all the cards in that suit appear, you’ll receive a juicy win! Finally, if you bet on a Joker and the cheeky fellow is the first card that is drawn, you’ll get a win.

Check your message bar to see the total value of any bets you place, along with any possible winnings. The status bar is where your total stake will be updated. You can use the chips from your previous game and place them in the same position in your new game by clicking REPEAT BET, whilst holding down the X button will remove all of the chips you have placed. Simply clicking the X button will undo your last chip.

Hit DEAL and transport yourself to the card screen. Any cards that match your active bet will be marked off in the selections area, whilst you can check the top of your screen to see which cards could trigger a possible win! Feeling lucky? Watch as your winning bets disappear from the selections area and make a very fruity appearance in the Total Win meter, which keeps track of all those juicy takings!


Devil cards

You’re the devil in disguise… Don’t be fooled like Elvis, keep your eyes peeled for these pesky Jokers! The Red Devil will immediately end your game and send you packing with the winnings you have accrued. The Green Devil/Cherub is slightly kinder, but be wary! If you get the Green Devil, he’ll give you ten cards to choose from. Nine will be Green Devils and will allow you to continue, however if you pick the one Red Devil that’s hidden amongst the greens, your roulette journey will shuffle to its end.

Extra cards

If you’re one card away from winning and a Devil appears, don’t despair! There’s still hope… You can buy the next card from the pack at a fixed price, giving you the chance to nab a fruity win!


Return To Player

The theoretical RTP is dependent on bet types selected:  



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