Magic Mine

Magic Mine

Get your pick axe at the ready and enter the Magic Mine right here at Pocket Fruity, where there’s plenty of treasure to be discovered. This truly unique ‘match 3’ skill game from Slingo Originals can be played for real cash, so you’d best get digging…


Swap the diamond symbols to match them up, and each time you do you’ll get a very sparkly win. This is the first online casino game in which your skill determines your prizes, so show those diamonds what you’re made of! There are also some very helpful pieces on hand to give your win total a shiny little boost, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

How To Play

How many diamonds will you collect? You need to grab as many as you can from the 8x8 game grid by matching up 3 or more diamonds, according to the usual match 3 rules. You’ll get 7 attempts to do this.

Special Pieces

It’s time to get better acquainted with those glittering special pieces – your knights in shining armour when it comes to your goal of stashing as many gems as possible. Meet the heroes themselves:

  • Stripe Piece: formed when 4 pieces are matched in a vertical or horizontal line, and will remove all gems in a vertical or horizontal line when used during the game
  • Blast Piece: formed by an L or T-shaped match and will remove the 9 pieces surrounding it when used during the game
  • Chest piece: formed when 5 gems are matched in a straight line, and is stored until the end of the game when they are opened to reveal between 1 and 10 diamonds per chest. It can also award the progressive jackpot!

You can also swap two adjacent special pieces with each other to heighten their powers even further! Good luck…

Return To Player

5% of every stake is added to the progressive jackpot (3.5% to the main pot and 1.5% to the reserve)

The Jackpot is randomly triggered (via a chest) with a frequency of 1 in 150,000 - The original seed value is £2,500.

Following the stated strategy this game returns a theoretical RTP of 56.79%. This strategy can be beaten and with optimal play a higher RTP can be achieved.

In promotional free games and games where bonus funds are used, the progressive jackpot is disabled. No contributions are made to the progressive jackpot and it cannot be won. The RTP on these games is 51.79% when following the published strategy.

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