Deal or No Deal Slingo

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Play Pocket Fruity’s Slingo Deal or No Deal to mix your two favourite games together – and win REAL cash! Question is: can YOU beat the banker?


If you’re familiar with the classic game of slingo, you’ll get the hang of Slingo Deal or No Deal in no time! It works by filling a typical 5x5 slingo grid with Deal or No Deal-style numbered boxes, each containing a hidden, randomly allocated prize value, which are gradually eliminated as the game goes and you work your way to a Banker’s Offer! You’ll then be able to DEAL, NO DEAL or PLAY ON to see if you can win more than your box is worth. Hit PLAY to take on the banker now…

How To Play

To play Slingo Deal or No Deal, the first thing you’ll need to do is set your bet using the + and – buttons on the stake tab. Then it’s time to pick your lucky box! Your box will be set aside and the remaining 25 boxes will fill the slingo grid. You then get 10 SPINS, which each place 5 numbers/symbols on your reel.

If any numbers placed on the reel match a numbered box in the column above, that box will be opened and its prize value will be removed from the game. There are also a variety of symbols which could land on your reel:

  • Jokers – wild symbols that can be used to open any box in the column they appear
  • Super Jokers – wild symbols that can be used to open any box in the whole grid
  • Free Spin – awards you an additional spin at the end of the game
  • Devil – blocks potential matches on the grid

To create a slingo, get 5 opened boxes next to each other (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). To unlock the Banker’s Offer, create 4 slingos. Finally, to increase the value of all the prizes left in the game, create 5+ slingos! Once you’ve played 10 spins, you can either play on with accumulated free spins or buy extra spins.

Banker’s Offer

4 slingos unlocks your first Banker’s Offer which, just as in the TV gameshow, is your chance to walk away with a prize without playing on or opening your own box. Once you’ve received your offer you can either:

  • Deal = take the banker’s offer and end the game
  • No Deal = open your own box and collect the value inside
  • Spin = continue the game

If you choose to play on, you’ll get another offer from the banker after each spin, and your options are the same each time – DEAL, NO DEAL, or SPIN.

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.00.

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