Wild Wolf

Become one with nature, surge through a danger-filled, reward-packed Native American forest and come face-to-face with one of the world's most elegant beasts in this fascinating slot game - Wild Wolf!


You'll experience a new culture and see many different heritage-based features
displayed across the reels of this hugely popular game. The magic never fades
and the danger never lets up - but it is all part and parcel of earning the
rewards. Wolves are notoriously bloodthirsty but are also incredibly
intelligent and it will be up to you to pick up the scent of a jackpot with

How to play

Taming this pack of wolves may seem like a task only fit for the likes of Bear
Grylls but it's an adventure that's open to any daring player. The main
objective of the game is to basically find as many prizes as you can. To do
that, you will have to spin the reels and find matching symbols - related to
the theme of the game - on adjacent reels.

There are 50 paylines across the 5 reels and the size of the prizes you earn
will depend on how brave you are as you enter the Native American forest, and
the size of your wagers per spin. If you've ever wondered what your spirit
animal may be then delve into this game to find out if you have an affinity
for these creatures!

All of the symbols within this game have a Native American style and they come
together to create a fantastic slot game. These symbols are perfectly crafted
and represent the journey that these majestic animals go on. You will find
yourself ahead of the pack with this slot and it won't be long before you're
howling at the jackpot moon.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 92.99-94.97% which means for every £100
wagered it will pay out £92.99-94.97.

When the fun stops, stop