The Monkey Prince

Join The Monkey Prince on his quest to bring you good wealth! Wild reels is what you'll find in this slot, they'll give you wins that'll make you go bananas!


60 golden paylines are waiting for you to swing on and find some fortunate
wins. Coloured masks will appear on the reels, collect them to fill up the
meters and you'll unlock some magical prizes! Each colour triggers a different
Wild feature that'll make the reels burst with fortune! How many will you

How to play

Get up to mischief as you prepare to follow the Monkey Prince! Set your Bet
using the options available until you are happy with the amount. Once you're
ready to go, hit SPIN and get that gold! Swing through as the Prince's
sidekick and fly through the treasures that await. Collect Wilds and hope that
good wealth is on your side as your reels could all turn Wild, giving you wins
to make you go bananas!

Collect coloured masks to fill up the meters and unlock special prizes:

  • Blue Masks : triggers the Scattered Wilds feature - 3 or 4 random positions on the reels become Wild.
  • Red Masks : triggers the Random Wild Reels feature - 1-5 entire reels turn Wild.
  • Yellow Masks : triggers the Surrounding Wilds feature - 1 random position and all symbols surrounding it become Wild.

You can trigger multiple features in one spin, let's hope you get lucky!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 92.10%-94.10%, which means for every £100
staked, the expected return would be £92.10-£94.10.

When the fun stops, stop