Texas Hold'em Champion's Edition Instant Win

If you're a fan of poker then you'll LOVE this instant win version of the classic casino game, which is fast-paced, fun and easy-to-play. So even if you're not familiar with the popular card game, everyone will be able to enjoy this thriller of an instant win - and hopefully nab a pretty penny. Fingers crossed!


Can you beat the Champion's hand and win the prize associated with your hand?
Get your game face on, because it's all to play for!

How to play

7 pairs of Player Cards, 1 pair of Champions Cards and a set of 5 Community
Cards await you. They will all be face down, and if you click 1 of them the
entire set of that card will be revealed. In a similar way to the original
version of Texas Hold'em, you have to beat the Champion's hand by combining
your Player Cards with the Community Cards. Each pair of Player's Cards comes
with a prize, so if you manage to beat the Champion, you'll get your hands on
that dazzling prize. Amazing!

If you need a refresher, here are the Hand Rankings, from highest to lowest:

• Royal Flush - 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit

• Straight Flush - Any five consecutive cards of the same suit

• Four of a Kind - Any four cards of the same rank

• Full House - Any Three of a Kind plus One Pair

• Flush - Any five non-consecutive cards of the same suit

• Straight - Any five consecutive cards

• Three of a Kind - Any three cards of the same rank

• Two Pair - Any two pairs

• One Pair - Any two cards of the same rank

• High Card - The single card of highest rank

Good luck - and have fun!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP between 85.00% which means for every £100
wagered it will pay out £85.00.

When the fun stops, stop