Funky Spin Progressive

Have a Funky Spin on this 3-reel, 5-line slot from Realistic gaming. Harking back to traditional fruit machines, this one comes with a 60s hippy feel and plenty of bonus action.


Not only is there a progressive jackpot in this game, but you get the chance to have a spin of the Bonus and Jackpot Wheels. Best of luck!

How to play

Tap the main menu icon and choose a Bet amount from the options presented to you. Hit the SPIN button when you’re ready to go, or hit AUTOPLAY if you’d rather let the reels spin automatically for a set number of spins. You can stop AUTOPLAY at any time by clicking the STOP button.

Winning Combos

Here’s what’s up for grabs when certain symbol combinations land on your reels:

  • 3 x Jackpot = x250
  • 3 x Bar = x125
  • 3 x Melon = x8
  • 3 x Bell = x4
  • 3 x Grape = x4
  • 3 x Orange = x2
  • 3 x Cherry = x2
  • 3 x Funky Spin = 1 x Wheel Spin Arrow

All win values are a multiple of the total bet.

Progressive Jackpot

There are 3 Progressive Jackpots per stake: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each pot is seeded at the start of the game and again when it has been won.

  • Gold Jackpot: seeded at 250x stake (£250 on a £1 stake) and will increase in value with every £1 staked
  • Silver Jackpot: seeded at 100x stake (£100 on a £1 stake) and will increase in value with every £1 staked
  • Bronze Jackpot: seeded at 50x stake (£50 on a £1 stake) and will increase in value with every £1 staked

Bonus Wheel

Each of the 5 win lines has a colour arrow associated with it. If 3 Funky Spin symbols appear on a win line then that colour arrow is lit and will be used in the Bonus round. Hit the SPIN button to spin the Bonus Wheel. When the wheel stops, you’ll be awarded all prize values that correspond to all lit arrows. If the POT segment of the wheel lands next to a lit arrow, you’ll be awarded a spin of the Jackpot Wheel.

Jackpot Wheel

The Bonus Wheel changes to reveal Gold, Silver and Bronze segments only. Hit the SPIN button to spin the Jackpot Wheel. When the wheel stops, you’ll be awarded the value of the progressive jackpot that stops next to the lit arrow.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.80% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £95.80. Please note, bonus wagering is disabled on this slot.

All Jackpots can exceed the fixed jackpot value of 250 x stake as there are no limits to the Progressive Jackpots. The Progressive Jackpots are linked to the player’s total stake. If the player changes their total stake, a new set of Jackpots will be displayed. Only one Progressive Jackpot can be won in any 1 game, but this will be in addition to any other Bonus Wheel prizes won in the same spin. When won, that Progressive Jackpot is re-seeded to its original seed value as set out above.

When the fun stops, stop