Apollo Rising

Blast off into outer space and take part in a mission that will see you going beyond the stars as you try to return home to earth with the biggest prizes this futuristic slot game has to offer. Apollo Rising is one of the most daring space missions; do you have what it takes to be an astronaut?


There is an astronomical slot game waiting for you on the reels of the Apollo
Rising game, which is developed by IGT. This space project is top secret, so
you cannot blurt out any classified information as you and your space crew
take part in this incredible journey through the galaxies, collecting out of
this world prizes along the way.

How to play

Though this might look like a classic online 5 reel slot, the Apollo Rising
game also comes with a distinctive style to make it stand out from the crowd
of online slots. Instead of typical 3 or 4 symbols per reel, this slot will
have 8 symbols in a reel and therefore increase your chances of finding a
winning combination of matching symbols.

There are 100 paylines to play with and not all of the symbols are the same
size. Members of your crew, like the boy, girl, dog and monkey will cover 2
and 3 symbols respectively. This makes for an interesting experience when you
go into orbit with this game.

Return to player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 92.57-94.16% which means for every £100
wagered it will pay out £92.57-£94.16.

When the fun stops, stop