6 Appeal

Love James Bond movies? Then you're gonna love 6 Appeal, the saucy slot game that should be on the radar of any player looking for a good time!


This game has a unique look, as players look down on a traditional slot
machine cabinet to play it. Players will feel like they really are in the
casino, with drinks and food on tap! There are five reels and three rows to
play across in this game, with 20 paylines making their way across them.
Players won't need their spy gear to enjoy the game, as the wins are obvious
and the jackpots are always talked about. Dress up in your best tuxedo and hit

How to play

Being a spy is all about tech and gadgets, but the mechanics behind this game
are as straightforward as they come. Begin by choosing the amount of lines and
the bet value, which you'll do with the buttons on the retro slot cabinet.
Then it's on to spinning those reels to reveal your winnings!

Three of a single type of symbol will create a win for players, the amount of
which will be based on the bet placed and symbol. While you're waiting to find
out what you've won, you'll feel like you're in the Casino Royale taking in Le
Chiffre - and when the jackpot comes spitting out of the slot game, you'll
find it hard not to blow your cover!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.53% - 95.79% which means for every £100
wagered it will pay out £95.53 - £95.79. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

When the fun stops, stop