Shuffle Roulette

Every day I'm shuffling Are YOU ready to prove your skill with Slingo Shuffle Roulette? Step up and place your bets in this fantastic online casino experience that adds a slingo- tastic twist to traditional roulette


Go head-to-head with the dealer and dive into the colourful and thrilling
world of roulette! You'll find some troublesome slingo jokers among the usual
roulette suits, and you'll be making your way to some super slingo wins,
whether you're a novice or an expert!

How to play

This super fun Slingo Shuffle Roulette game is so easy to play. Simply choose
a chip value using the left or right arrows at the bottom of the screen. When
you're ready, you can place your bets by putting chips in the side bet area,
which can be found in the bottom left of your screen.

You can place bets on individual cards, meaning that you'll win when your
selected card appears. You can also bet on groups of 2 adjacent cards, which
will earn you a win when both of your selected cards appear. If you bet on
groups of 4 adjacent cards, you'll get a win when all 4 of your chosen cards
pop up. What about groups of numbers? You'll get a win when all four suits of
one number card emerges. Similarly, you'll receive a win if all cards in your
chosen suit appear. Finally, if you place a bet on a Joker and the first card
drawn is a joker, you'll get a win!

Want to keep track of those shufflin' winnings? It's easy! Just check the
message bar, which will show your potential winnings and the value of the bet
you have just placed. Your stake will be updated in the status bar. Made a
mistake? Don't worry - hit the X button to remove the last chip placed, or
hold the X button down to undo all of the chips. To transport the chips from
your previous game into this game (in their same positions), press REPEAT BET.

Hit DEAL when you're happy with your bet, and watch those cards start to flow!
Seen a card that matches your active bet? It'll get marked off in the
selections area, whilst potential winning cards can be clocked at the top of
the screen - so keep watch! Also, check the Total Win meter to tot up your

Return to player

The theoretical RTP is dependent on bet types selected: BET| PAYS| RTP
---|---|--- Straight| 1| 96.7% Split| 2| 95.0% Corner| 4| 93.6% Street| 4|
93.3% Suit| 8| 91.7% Colour| 16| 92.4% Joker| 15| 92.3% Poker| 3000| 61.8%

When the fun stops, stop