Lucky Ladies Blackjack

Lucky Ladies Blackjack

Lucky Ladies Blackjack has taken North America by storm – and now it’s arriving right here at Pocket Fruity! Can you beat the dealer?


Play with six decks of 52 cards and up to three hands at a time in this exciting game! Here’s hoping that the Lucky Ladies will be on side to get you a fruity win…

How To Play

To place your bet, simply select your chip value from the chip selector at the bottom of the screen and then click on the desired main blackjack bet position. You can play up to three hands at a time on desktop and tablet, but you can only play one hand on mobile. Made a mistake? Just click UNDO to sort it out, and keep doing so to remove all of your bets if need be.

Once you’ve placed your main bets, you can move on to your side bets – and those lovely Lucky Ladies! They’ll glow white when it’s time to call upon them, and you’ll place them in the same way as you did the main bets, except they’ll be in the side bet section. Hit DEAL when you’re happy with your bets and get your juicy blackjack show on the road!

The cards will then be dealt and your 2 cards will be assessed against the Lucky Ladies pay table. Side bets will be settled from left to right and if you’re lucky enough to get a combined total of 20 from the first two cards that are dealt to your hand, your Lucky Ladies side bet will win! It’ll also win if it features a Queen, so fingers crossed that one pops up!

Use the Pay Table to check the details of all wins.

Playing Blackjack

When you’ve settled your side bet, you can turn your attention to the main event – Blackjack! You need to beat the pesky dealer by getting a higher hand value than him – but don’t get higher than 21! These are the possible outcomes of the game:

Blackjack – If your first 2 cards are equal to 21, you will win 3-2 on your blackjack bet. However, if that dastardly dealer gets blackjack too, your bet will be pushed. If the dealer doesn’t get blackjack, your blackjack bet will be settled, so let’s hope you can stay ahead of the game!

Insurance – Check out the dealer’s face up card – is it an Ace? In this case, you can make an insurance bet in case the dealer gets Blackjack. The insurance bet will have the following options:

  • No: Insurance bet is dismissed
  • No to all: Insurance bet is dismissed for all hands
  • Yes: Insurance bet of a fixed amount equal to 50% of your original blackjack bet will be placed on the active hand
  • Yes to all: Insurance bet will be placed on all of the hands

If the dealer does get blackjack, you’ll win that fruity insurance bet, even if you go bust! You’ll lose the insurance bet if the dealer doesn’t get Blackjack, but no matter. Your original bet will remain until you win or go bust.



Double Down

Feeling fruity enough to double your stake? If you click Double Down you can do just that. You’ll be offered the chance to Double Down if your first two cards have a combined value of 9, 10 or 11. If you choose the Double Down option you’ll be dealt one more card and your stake will be doubled.


If neither of these other options have happened, your game will continue until you’re given the choice to HIT or STAND. If you choose the former, you’ll get one more card to add to your hand’s total value. If this new total is still less than 21 you can choose to HIT or STAND again. Which will it be, Blackjack star? You can keep clicking HIT until you go bust. However, if you chose the latter option, then no additional cards will be dealt and you’ll move on to the next hand.

Then sit back and watch the dealer’s hands be settled. The dealer must get a total score of below 17 and must STAND on 17 or higher.

At the end of the game, if your hand total is higher than the dealer’s you’ll win 1-1 on the total blackjack bet staked. Your bet will be PUSHED if your hand is the same as the dealer’s, and if the dealer’s hand total is higher than your’s, you’ll lose, and your stake won’t be returned. You’ll then be given the choice to Rebet (re-bet the same amount in the last game), Rebet x 2 (doubles the amount bet on the last game) or start a New Game with no bets in place.

Psych yourself up and get fruity with the Lucky Ladies today!


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 99.63% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £99.63.

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