Hi-Lo Blackjack

Hi-Lo Blackjack

At Pocket Fruity we’ve got something even better than Blackjack. Don’t believe us? Then play Hi Lo Blackjack right now! This online version combines two classic, popular and simple games – guaranteeing you even more anticipation and chances to win!


It doesn’t matter what your first card is, you can still be a winner in Hi Lo Blackjack at Pocket Fruity! This version of Blackjack comes with a Hi Lo side bet, giving you the option to bet one whether your second card will be higher or lower than your first. And we all know what double the bets means, don’t we? Double the fun, of course!

How To Play

At the start of each new game, 6 decks of cards will be shuffled and you’ll need to place your bets! First SELECT CHIPS by clicking on the valued chips. Then click on any of the bet boxes (including Hi and Lo) to PLACE YOUR CHIPS. You can bet on up to 5 boxes (plus another 5 for Hi Lo) on desktop and tablet, and up to 3 (plus another 3 for Hi Lo) on mobile. Remember, you can only place the Hi Lo side bet if you’ve placed a bet on its corresponding Blackjack box. You might also want to use the following:

  • DOUBLE – doubles the value of the bets on every box up to the table maximum
  • UNDO – removes chips from the bet boxes in the order they were placed in
  • CLEAR ALL – removes all bets in one go (not available on mobile)
  • DEAL – starts the game!

Hi Lo Gameplay

Bet on whether your second card from the dealer will be higher or lower than the first, completely separately to your ongoing game of Blackjack. Simply place a bet on HI or LO and if you guess correctly, your winnings will be paid out straight away.

  • You WIN the side bet if:
    - You have a 2 card total of 21 (Blackjack)
    - Your first card is an Ace + your second card is not
    - You guess correctly (2 to King only)
  • You LOSE the side bet if:
    - Your second card is an Ace + your first card is not
    - You guess incorrectly (2 to King only)
  • A PUSH occurs if:
    - Both your cards are Aces (at which your side bet will be returned)

Blackjack Gameplay

Once your cards have been dealt and any Hi Lo winnings paid out, the main game of Blackjack carries on. The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible (without going over it) and beating the dealer’s hand. Here’s some buttons you’ll need to know about:

  • HIT – press if you want to draw another card on a hand
  • STAND – use this if you want to finish a hand
  • DOUBLE – this is offered once per hand + will double your bet if you use it
  • SPLIT – if your first 2 cards are the same value/type then you can split to create two hands (which will take a further bet from you)
  • INSURANCE – if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you’ll be offered insurance equal to half the initial bet
  • EVEN MONEY – if you have Blackjack and the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can choose to take even money for your hand (in case the dealer has Blackjack too, which would result in a push)
  • REPEAT/DEAL – this is available at the end of a completed game and mimics the previous game’s stakes
  • REPEAT – also available at the end of a completed game, this option mimics the previous game’s bets but allows you to make changes before hitting DEAL

Once all your hands are complete, the dealer will reveal the face-down card and continue drawing until the value is 17 or greater. The dealer will always stand on 17. Outcomes and payouts are as follows:

  • A PUSH occurs if:
    - You and the dealer have hands with the same value (and your bet is returned)
  • You WIN if:
    - The dealer’s hand is above 21 and yours isn’t
    - The dealer’s hand is below 21 but lower in total than yours (as long as you haven’t exceeded 21!)
  • You LOSE if:
    - Your total is above 21
    - The dealer’s total is below 21 but higher than yours


Return To Player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 99.59% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £99.59. For the Hi Lo side bet, RTP is 97.92%.

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