Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack has arrived at Pocket Fruity! And this is Blackjack at its very best. Place a ‘Buster Blackjack’ side bet and get paid if the dealer goes bust – the more cards the dealer has, the higher the payout!


Super slick, with the opportunity to play 3 hands at once and place that cheeky side bet, this game will have you entertained for hours. Whether you’re new to the table games, or can’t keep away, get stuck in and see if you can’t beat that pesky dealer!

How To Play

Firstly, place your main blackjack bet by clicking the desired chip value from the chip selector at the bottom of the screen, and place it in the main blackjack bet position.

Placing the Buster Blackjack Bet

It’s just as easy to place your fruity side bet – just select the desired chip value and click the side bet position to place it. Simple!

You can click ‘Undo’ to change your bets at any time before you hit ‘Deal’. You can’t go back once you have clicked ‘Deal’ though, so make sure you’re happy to proceed! When you click ‘Deal’, both you and the dealer will receive 2 cards each. One of the dealer’s cards will be face-up, the other will be face-down. You’re aiming to beat the dealer by getting a hand with a higher value, without exceeding 21. After you receive your cards, you’ll be presented with these possible outcomes:

BLACKJACK – You’ll win 3-2 on your Blackjack bet if you manage to get a total of 21 from your first 2 cards. Well done! However, if the dealer also gets Blackjack, your bet will be returned to you.

INSURANCE – If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, this means that he or she may have a good chance of getting Blackjack. You can take out an Insurance Bet in case this happens, and your Insurance Bet is worth 50% of your original blackjack bet. If you say ‘No’ to the insurance bet, this option will be dismissed for your current hand, whilst ‘No to All’ will dismiss the insurance bet from the entire game. If you say ‘Yes,’ the Insurance bet will be applied to your current hand, and ‘Yes to All’ will apply an Insurance Bet to all of your hands. If the dealer does get Blackjack, you’ll win the Insurance Bet, and you’ll be paid 2-1. If the dealer doesn’t get blackjack, you’ll lose your bet.

DOUBLE DOWN – If your first 2 cards have a total value of 9, 10 or 11 you can ‘Double Down’, which means doubling your original bet. You’ll get an extra card, and the game will move on to the next hand.

HIT or STAND – If none of the above options happen, you’ll keep playing as normal until you are eventually presented with the option to HIT or STAND. If you choose ‘Hit’, you’ll get an extra card, and if your total hand value is still not 21, you can keep choosing to ‘Hit’ until you get Blackjack or go bust. If you choose ‘Stand,’ you won’t get any extra cards and you’ll move onto the next hand.

Playing the Buster Blackjack side bet

If the dealer goes bust and you have placed a bet on this (the Buster Blackjack side bet), you’ll win! The more cards the dealer has when he goes bust, the more you will win!

When your game is over, you can play again with the same bet amount as the previous game (‘Rebet’), play again with double the bet amount from the previous game (‘Rebet x2’) or begin a new game with a new bet amount (‘New Game’). Let’s hope you can beat the dealer and win a fruity fortune!


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 99.63% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £99.63.

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